Five in Five: Updated CUR Community Library

By Elizabeth Moris posted 07-06-2021 10:31 AM


CUR’s Community and Member Forum recently underwent an upgrade to its member library files. Here are five things you should note while exploring the new upgrade: 

  1. How do I get to the library?
    1. The community library is just like it sounds – it is used to store files and information that your fellow peers or CUR wants to share with the greater community. In certain communities, the files are geared to a specific purpose. Today, we are going to walk through the general member forum’s library.
    2. You can access this library by Communities > My communities > CUR Member Forum
    3. You can either enter in and select Library from the sub-navigation or click on the library button located on the right side.
  1. Image Identification
    1. You will see a new feature in that each file now has an image preview along with a small thumbnail that shows what file type the library entry is. These are automatically generated when you upload or create a library entry.
    2. If you click on a picture, you can view the picture preview larger. Additionally, if the entry contains multiple files, it will show an arrow for you to scroll through the image preview.
  2. Highlight Bar
    1. Instead of just seeing a long list of uploaded library items, the library upgrade shows the documents in two sections. The first section is the highlight bar. This is where either pinned documents from CUR are placed or the most recently viewed or downloaded documents from the CUR community are located.
  3. Filter
    1. The second section you can see is customizable to how you would like to filter your search. You can filter by folder type just like our original library layout. You can also now filter by the following:
      1. File Type
      2. Date Created – Descending
      3. Title A-Z
      4. Title Z-A
      5. Most Downloaded
      6. Most Viewed
    2. You can also switch it to just seeing the cards.
        1. How to Download
          1. You are now able to download any library entries without leaving the library view. Simply click on the image of the entry you wish to download and a green Download button will appear.


        We will continue to be doing upgrades within our community to keep the look fresh, up to date, and user-friendly. Whenever any updates are available or released, our community will be the first to know! If you have any questions on this update, please contact