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CUR National Office Staff Spotlight: Elizabeth Moris

By Elizabeth Moris posted 09-03-2020 08:11 AM

CUR’s National Office Team is composed of talented professionals who are passionate about the work they do and their commitment to providing the highest standard of service for CUR’s members and community. After all, our community is our family here at CUR. We have taken a moment to interview each of our National Office Staff for you all to get to know them a little better. 

L956Y81vQRgew0626XWN_temp-T.jpg Office Staff Spotlight: Elizabeth Moris

Q: What is your full name, the name you wish to go by, and your organizational title at CUR?
A: Elizabeth B. Moris | Elizabeth | Director of Brand Engagement

Q: Many people have fancy titles that don't necessarily describe what they do for the organization to its fullest extent. Can you elaborate on what you do for CUR?
The Director of Brand Engagement is definitely a fancy title. But, it’s a title that fits my job because I am much more than a marketing person putting out communications to our members. I work to build relationships with the undergraduate research community through organizational messaging and marketing while advancing the value of the CUR brand. I do lead the organization’s overall marketing and associated strategic planning, but I also review changes to the organization, marketplace, and profession while recommending appropriate adjustments to the marketing plan. My number one goal is to ensure CUR’s mission, goals, and activities are communicated consistently and effectively, both internally and externally.

Q: What is one thing that most people wouldn't know about you?
I am a military brat and was born in Germany (on US soil—so no dual citizenship here). But, I laugh when I think about the fact that everyone in my family can speak German except for me!

Q: Where did you go to school?
A: I earned my BS in Communication Design from Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA. I also earned by MA in Publications Design from the University of Baltimore in Baltimore, MD. 

Q: Do you prefer tea or coffee and why? 
A: Not until after I had children did I even know how to make coffee or tea! But, four kids later, I do enjoy a cup of coffee here and there to help with the non-existent sleep.

Q: COVID-19 and being completely virtual has had a major impact on many in the US. Are there any positives you have found about being virtual; things that you have learned; new hobbies you have picked up; or something that you wouldn’t normally do if the world was pre-COVID?
A: COVID has been difficult, yet eye-opening. I have been able to really find (or attempt to find) a better work-life balance; spend more time with my kids (even had a few “staycations”); and have gone room by room decluttering our house. This will also be our first year attempting virtual learning for my oldest two –wish us luck!


Make sure to check out how to get in touch with Elizabeth and other staff on our National Office Staff page. If you would like to volunteer for a CUR Faculty, Student, or Mentor Spotlight interview, please reach out to